Coating Quality and Spin Coating

One of the simplest and most common technique of applying thin films onto wafers is the technique of "spin coating." The process involves simple fluid flow and evaporation behaviors that generally give rather uniform coatings. However, complexities arise with complex coating solutions that often conspire to prevent perfectly flat, high-quality, coatings.

This web site is therefore aimed at exploring this popular technique for depositing thin layers of fluid onto spinning wafers. The index below gives the overall organization and helps direct you to pages that will be most directly related to your interests.

Please enjoy. And, let me know if you have questions or comments about this technique or the materials that I provide here.

Dunbar P. Birnie, III
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Here is a skeletal organization of various pages that exist at this site (though many of them cross-reference each other anyway)

Application Areas that use Spin-Coating

Fundamental Physics of Spin-Coating

Characteristic Spin-Coating Defects

Overview of My Spin-Coating-Related Prior Work

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Current Research and Possible Future Directions

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